Our rates


We offer a personalised service and we work with fair rates. We start with a free intake. After we have gone through your specific needs, you will receive a tailor made offer.


For some of our hand-holding services we work with fixed package prices.

  • Energy

    We set up your contract for electricity, gas and/or water (including our advice on choice of provider & contract based on your preferences and energy consumption).

    Package price € 130 per contract
  • Stay connected

    We set up your telephone, television & internet contracts (including advice on choice of provider & contract based on your preferences and use).

    Package price € 130 per contract
  • Start a business

    If you want to start your business in France, we can register you as self- employed (micro entreprise). In France there are several ‘Chambers’, depending on your profession (f.e. commerce, artisans, agriculture etc.). We make sure you register into the right Chamber and the appropriate professional category. Once you are registered we assist you in the following process of enrolling into the tax and social security system, resulting in obtaining your ‘Carte Vitale’, which is your proof of health cover.

    Package price € 220
  • Take good care

    When you live in France and are retired and/or no longer professionally active, you can apply for basic health insurance in France. You will then receive a 'Carte Vitale' and a social security number.
    We offer guidance in applying for a Carte Vitale. We will inform you about what to do in preparation and help you with the application process up to receipt of the card.

    Package price € 200 per person - € 250 per couple
  • On the road

    We can get your car registered and help you obtain your French license plates. We send you a list with required documents and we take care of your online demand for car registration at the registration authority (ANTS). If you like, we can also help with contacting your regional customs office in order to obtain a ‘certificat de dedouanement’ (if you previously resided in a country outside the EU).

    Package price from € 130
    Excl. procedure of ‘dedouanement’ and customs/fees & taxes.
  • Our House

    We can help you find your house. We offer several packages varying from obtaining detailed information on the houses of your interest to visiting houses for you (in the Southwest region of France) and offering you a detailed report in words and images.
    Furthermore we can assist you in translating and understanding the contract (as well as its technical annexes).

    Interested? Please send us an email for more info on our ‘find my house’ package deals!

Other needs or questions

For most help we can provide a package with a fixed price. If you do not need a complete package or if you have other needs or questions (f.e. an appointment at the doctors, contacting authorities, help in starting up your business etc.) we offer you customised handholding services, charged on actual time spent.

Feel free to ask!

Hourly rate: € 55

All prices are 'all in'.


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