Move to France

For a relaxed start in France

Starting a new life

Starting a fresh, moving to France.

Exciting and scary at once. Making your dream reality! 

You're on the doorstep of your new life in France.

Whether you live in France permanent,

or as a secondary residence.

It is now a matter of choosing, doing!

Finding  your way in France. 

A big range of possibilities and choices ahead

of you. Where to live? How to find a nice home?

A community to join, a school for your children?

And of course: How deal with that famous French

'red tape'?

Getting all those practical and essential things done like contracts for your house, electricity, water, internet etc. 

No matter what stage you are at, or what issues are concerned, we can be of help. We ourselves have been in your shoes, have had the same questions. Learned and found the answers.

We have found our way and now we would love to help you find your way in France.

What can we do for you?

We can help you in several ways, depending on what you can and/or want to do yourself and which things you want to be taken care of.

Depending on how much time and energy you want to spend doing yourself and which parts you need or want help with.

Basically, we can help you from offering information and tailor made advice to taking all necessary things off your hands and getting them done for you.


Advice and hands on help for a relaxed start in France

We speak english, dutch, german & (of course!) french.




(+33) 06 43 15 36 42

SIRET: 845 135 391 00025

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