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  • Ellen

    I am Ellen van den Hout. In the summer of 2018 we as a family moved from the Netherlands to the Gers in Southwest France.

    Once here, I quickly discovered that speaking French is a prerequisite to get things done. And I experienced that you need some perseverance and creativity to successfully deal with French administration. Because I like to tackle bureaucratic challenges and I enjoy helping people out, I founded Find Your Way in France early 2019.

    FindyourwayinFrance Ellen van den Hout
  • Pim

    For technical questions regarding internet, telephone or satellite, I call on the knowledge of my husband, Pim (Otte). He works as an independent sound engineer and is much more into these matters than I am.

    Findyourwayinfrance Pim Otte

I have an extensive network of contacts (legal, financial, sworn interpreters, web design, etc.). If I cannot answer your question myself, or do not have the right expertise, I can enlist the help of the right person to provide you with the best possible service. I am dedicated to help you find your way in France and to get your French life and work organised. As easy and stress free as possible.


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